said: we had the same problem these last few cons! but from what i saw from most tables and other artists was the little square credit card reader that plugs into your phone. i do hear it has some problems but its by far the most popular method ive seen ;;

 said: I recommend the square account. It’s connected straight to your bank, unlike paypal, and you don’t need the plug in for it (but they’ll send you a free one anyway!)

i was leaning towards the square b/c it does seem more professional. i’m just a little reluctant b/c apparently the square company has had a history of reversing transactions and withholding funds for vague and random reasons. aghhhhhhh i feel like so many things could go wrong with credit card payments in general….i wish…artist alley could be easier…..sobs…..

question for people with artist alley experience!!

i’ve missed out on a lot of sales my first aa due to not being able to accept credit card(i didnt realize there would be so many people browsing aa with no money on hand). so what’s the best method to use for making credit card transactions? i keep hearing about a lot of different methods, such as the square card reader or just straight up using the paypal app. however there’s like a billion amazon reviews for the square complaining about how the square company holds money hostage whenever they feel it “necessary”. also paypal transactions sometimes fail to process + ridic paypal fees.

so what should i do? help?? 

midousujifanclub: hi I've been following u for a while and t was so cool seeing you at fanime this year!! when I was at fanime I saw a brochure for AOD and I was thinking about tabling for AOD's artist alley, so I was wondering if you had any newcomer tips you would be willing to share with me since you said it was your first artists alley as well?? thank you so much!!

ahh hi!!!!! hmmmmm well i do have a few tips. i hope you don’t mind i post this instead of answering privately

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